I have a very strong belief when it comes to portrait style photography. I do not believe in facial manipulation, or digital enhancement beyond the basic color, contrast, and cropping adjustments, although occasionally I do minimal cosmetic touch outs. I do not airbrush the skin overall. It is my belief that these manipulations create an unrealistic self expectation of society as a whole for both men and women, and I am fighting a one-man campaign to change that one shoot at a time. I am especially open to working with new models, in an attempt to make sure that they are not corrupted by the Photoshop reality that they have undoubtedly been studying. My passion is shooting real film using vintage and historic cameras. I am very passionate about art and the analog photography medium. When I started photography, I had no idea it would lead me here. it's been a long road to coming to term with the label "Artist", but I think I've finally grown to accept it. To read more on this topic, click here to read my guest post on the blog "Sunday Street". I think a lot of that path had to do with me falling in love with the Analog medium. I still use the original Nikon F I started on, but have added new tools and skills since then, including but not limited to, my grandfather's Pacemaker Speed Graphic, an 8x10 I built from parts I found under a prop stand at an old time photo store on the boardwalk, and most recenty, my addition of a Hasselblad and a Graflex SLR. What you see on this page is 95% analog photography, with no Photoshop, or manipulation. Film is beautiful enough to not need it. Take your time, and stay awhile.